About Us

Hola, Hola, Hello Amiga!
This is Nancy, the owner of the online boutique, Southern Voltage Boutique- also commonly referred to as SVB! 
A Latina with a dream that came true ♡
I am a first generation Mexican-American to parents who were born + raised en nuestro Mexico Lindo. I will never be able to express how thankful I am to my momma and pa' for sacrificing everything they ever knew to come to the United States to give my siblings & I, a better future. I have always told myself I need to chingarle, to show my parents that the sacrifice they made for us is paying off. Gracias a Dios, today on July 23rd, 2023 with all the courage that I have, I am able to launch Southern Voltage Boutique!
I'm just a "Cool Mom" who runs off cafecito and loves fashion! Southern Voltage was a sueño for me. I created this brand to empower all my stunning friends to feel joy, confidence, and to bring positivity to our community.  As a 27 year old madre of 3, I can admit I haven't always felt comfortable in my own clothes. One of the biggest things I had to tell myself is that I am still quite young, my body has changed yes, but I should not let anything stop me from wearing what makes me feel beautiful. So amiga, let me tell you this.. Rock that FIT, and show the world that stunning bod that God gave you! Ponte la ropa, y rompe corazones! I hope you love all of the handpicked pieces in our collections as much as I do.
We at Southern Voltage are so agradecidas (thankful) for our customers and consider every single customer una amiga (a friend). We see every single transaction, like, comment + share. Remember to be kind mis amigas. 
Muchas gracias, thank you for supporting my dream.
xo, Nancy